The Triple Aim or Three Bull’s-Eyes? The Summer Leadership Conference

The “triple aim” in healthcare refers to the drive to increase quality, improve the customer experience, and lower cost. For healthcare managers, this triple aim may seem more like three bull’s-eyes painted on our backs!

Bull’s-eye #1

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), have released thousands of pages of new and proposed regulations regarding hospital services, physician payment, and long-term care services. These changes are dramatic.

Bull’s-eye #2

In the midst of this, healthcare providers are experiencing significant declines in demand and utilization. Hospital occupancy, skilled nursing occupancy, and other measures of health care utilization are lower than in years past.

Bull’s-eye #3

Labor costs and economic pressures are beginning to feel like it’s the 1980s, rather than 2017. With restrictions to payments, and declining occupancy & utilization, increasing labor and supply costs could be the last straw on many a camel’s back.

In spite of these three bull’s-eyes, healthcare managers are expected to carry on, demonstrate leadership, and manage effectively in the midst of this turbulence.

Tote that Barge, Lift that Bale

Taking a break from the relentless stress is not only a good idea, it may be essential to continued health and sustainability for many managers. 

Refocus, recharge, and enhance your management skills, all while earning 15 CEUs – this is the Summer Leadership Conference

Join us!

New York Chapter ACHCA Summer Leadership Conference

The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

July 24-28, 2017

Conference rates are available from July 19 — 30. Please make sure that you use the conference reservation block code of NEWY0717. Learn more!

Earn 15 Continuing Education Credits at the Summer Leadership Conference

Attend the Summer Leadership Conference and earn 15 continuing education credits. The New York State Health Facilities Association is a certified sponsor of professional continuing education with the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). NYSHFA has submitted for 15 CEUs from NAB for this program. State licensure boards have final authority on the educational program facilitated by acceptance of individual courses. ACHCA is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Read more about the great program we have in store for you, and you can download the Summer Leadership Conference brochure.

SLC 2017 Day 2: Dealing with Difficult People

peeping-tom-316125_640Have you ever worked with one of those people that made you want to:

  • Avoid them?
  • Divorce them?
  • Shout at them?
  • Give them up for adoption?
  • Terminate them?
  • Complete successful physical damage?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions you need to try another alternative. That alternative is to learn how to deal with them. As hard as that may seem, it is possible!


At the completion of this session the participants will be able to:

  1. Develop an understanding of how to deal with different communication approaches
  2. Implement the concept of customer in their daily interactions
  3. Develop appropriate communication skills to ensure the implementation of 50/50 relationships
  4. Implement techniques for improved intershift, interdepartmental and interpersonal relationships
  5. Deliver positive and negative feedback so it is truly useful
  6. Develop techniques for handling supervisory-employee situations, including how to prepare a workable action plan on their difficult individual
  7. Understand the relationship between the “pleasaholic” and the “BMG”
  8. Develop the ability to implement a 5-step customer satisfaction process in dealing with difficult customer situations

This session is designed to prepare the participants with appropriate “how-to” information to develop assertive conflict management skills that can produce a successful interaction for the organization and, at the same time, for the individuals involved.

Learn more about our facilitator Clint Maun.

Summer Leadership Conference: Who Should Attend?

Long-term care leaders who want to increase levels of productivity and cooperation in his or her organization or community. Administrators, CEOs, facility owners, ACHCA and NYSHFA members and nonmembers, healthcare company providers who will benefit from this week-long workshop.

SLC 2017 Day 1: 7 Keys to Personal Success and Happiness in a Healthcare Job

Let’s face it. A successful professional career can be wrought with high turnover, long hours, low staffing and often, little payback. While employees may love the work they do, finding true success and happiness in such an environment can seem impossible … a closed door.

Now, job satisfaction and personal fulfillment doesn’t have to be a dream. After over 30 years of research and personal experience, Clint Maun has developed 7 Keys proven to keep the organization, management, and staff positively engaged, happy, and coming back to work every day with the skills necessary to achieve the essential element for success … balance.

The 7 Keys are relevant today and have been proven to stand the test of time. An absolute return on investment is assured for the individual and the organization.


The participants will learn how to implement these necessary success techniques for themselves, while ensuring their co-workers, bosses and other staff within the organization also achieve the appropriate balance, to feel they have a sense of purpose and happiness in their healthcare career.

By encouraging an environment where the “7 Keys” can be achieved, leadership can unlock the closed doors hindering success in the organization. This dynamic series of 7 unlocking principles are as follows:

Key # 1: Staying highly motivated on a daily basis (even on bad days!) is a must How to Motivate Yourself on a Daily Basis

Key # 2: You must be able to combat negativity Proven Methods for Handling Energy Zapping “Trolls”

Key # 3: Tooting your own horn is essential to success How to Effectively Promote Yourself

Key # 4: You must make you, the boss, and the organization all look good at the same time How toMake Everyone Come Out as Winners

Key # 5: For you to be successful, your team must be successful How to Play on Teams that Pay Off

Key # 6: You must be able to deal with difficult people Winning Tips and Techniques for Dealing with  Difficult People

Key # 7: You must upgrade your value in the organization so that it means something How to Prove Your Worth

The 7 Keys are thought-provoking, specific, immediately applicable and achievable. Through the 7 Keys, organizations, leadership and staff will benefit from effectively utilizing a set of strategies that will help achieve the balance needed for the fulfillment they deserve. Of course, success and happiness is ultimately up to the individual, but the 7 Keys can guide the way.

Learn more about our facilitator Clint Maun.

Summer Leadership Conference: Who Should Attend?

Long-term care leaders who want to increase levels of productivity and cooperation in his or her organization or community. Administrators, CEOs, facility owners, ACHCA and NYSHFA members and nonmembers, healthcare company providers who will benefit from this week-long workshop.

Bermuda Shorts: An Interview with Mark J. Finkelstein, M.P.S., FACHCA, CNHA, Administrator of Hughes Health and Rehabilitation, Inc.

mark_pMark J. Finkelstein, M.P.S., FACHCA, CNHA, is the administrator of Hughes Health and Rehabilitation, Inc., and serves as the vice president of the organization’s Board of Directors. He has been a licensed nursing home administrator since 1972, and has served in various management capacities in his career.

How long have you been attending the Summer Leadership Conference?

Since 1988

Why do you attend? What keeps you coming back?

First of all, it’s a great opportunity to learn how to be a better leader and inspire our teams. Perennially, it’s the finest seminar I attend. I always walk away armed with valuable information I can use every day. Generally, the people who attend are at a high level and the sessions are geared to leaders in the sector. The other attendees are very interesting to be around because of shared interest in long-term care leadership.

I also love it, because Bermuda is my favorite spot on earth!

My family and I like to tack on bit of vacation before or after the program – my kids and grandkids still want to go!

Learn more about this year’s Summer Leadership Conference program here:


On Location for the Summer Leadership Conference: Bermuda and the Fairmont Southampton

bermuda brochureFor centuries, an island existed in the imaginations of sailors too long at sea. This island – a coral gem where the winds were as fresh as a youngster’s smile and as cool as a mountain spring – offered the shade of cedar trees and wild gardens of poinsettias and bougainvilleas. On a blustery day in 1503, Juan de Bermudez turned myth into reality. He discovered Bermuda just 600 miles off the Carolina coast. Here, atop Bermuda’s highest point, on 100 lush acres, you too can discover the old world charm and new world panache of Bermuda and the Fairmont Southampton Princess.

About The Fairmont Southampton

With its lush tropical gardens, shimmering pink sand beaches, azure blue seas, and spectacular sunsets, there is no way to not love Bermuda. Perched atop the island’s highest point, The Fairmont Southampton’s 593 spacious guestrooms — many with sweeping water views — are richly appointed with private balconies, walk-in closets, and marble bathrooms.


One of the world’s incomparable luxury resorts, The Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda offers endless recreation and relaxation possibilities, including an award-winning 18 hole Executive Par-3 golf course, a Willow Stream spa and fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, plus an oceanfront beach club, PADI dive center, snorkeling rentals, water sports, tennis courts, and more. See more at or call the hotel at (866) 540-4497.

Enjoy Bermuda’s best at The Fairmont Southampton at our special NYC-ACHCA guestroom rates, single or double occupancy for a standard room (plus taxes, gratuities, and resort fees). For an extra fee, you may reserve rooms on the Gold Level where breakfast and dinner appetizers are served. Make reservations by June 26, 2015 to qualify for special rates.


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Who Should Attend the Summer Leadership Conference? It Starts with You!

SLC_Broch2If you are a long-term care leader who wants to enhance your management skills while creating a culture in which your team feels empowered to provide patients with a higher level of service, this conference is for you and top managers you depend on. Administrators, Owners, CEOs, ACHCA and NYSHFA members and non-members, and other health care company providers will all benefit from this 5-day workshop. Leading a health care services organization has rarely been tougher than it is today. Ongoing regulatory and payment challenges, human resource issues including generational, cultural, and language differences, as well as consumer demands can all challenge leaders and managers. Best-in-

Class models for leadership, sound principles of management and the behavioral science of motivation will be presented in a series of highly interactive sessions. You will return to work equipped with new insights, a replenished supply of leadership tools, and a personal program for success.

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