SLC 2017 Day 4: Leadership that Drives Results

Today’s organizations must promote proactive leadership techniques which drive measurable results for improvement and growth. There is no time left for process without results. Attendees of this invigorating session will learn specific techniques for engaging their co-workers for successful team-based efforts, customer service initiatives and ongoing daily outcomes.


At the completion of this program, the attendees will possess the skills to:

  1. Understand the difference between leadership and management
  2. Use B.S.C.T.P. effectively
  3. Create 50/50 relationships.
  4. Maximize shift report and shift startup
  5. Implement the One Great Unit concept
  6. Handle negative attitudes that interfere with team success
  7. Implement effective/efficient team huddles
  8. Organize a come with me program
  9. Check customer satisfaction at the time of delivery

This session will include specific methods to enhance leadership that encourages results with techniques that can be easily implemented.

Learn more about our facilitator Clint Maun.

Summer Leadership Conference: Who Should Attend?

Long-term care leaders who want to increase levels of productivity and cooperation in his or her organization or community. Administrators, CEOs, facility owners, ACHCA and NYSHFA members and nonmembers, healthcare company providers who will benefit from this week-long workshop.

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