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summer leadership conference
summer leadership conference
summer leadership conference
summer leadership conference

Program Overview for the 2019 Summer Leadership Conference,
Dr. Bryan K. Williams

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The STRONG Leader Workshop:
5 Days to Strengthen Your Ability to Lead Stronger

Here is Bryan’s week-long program for you, day by day…

Education sessions exness are
from 7:45am to 11:00am, Monday through Friday.

Monday, July 22: Leading a 5-Star Service Team
These types of leaders are unapologetically devoted to excellence and simply refuse to accept or celebrate mediocre performance from their team.

Tuesday, July 23: From Quit & Stay to Stay & Thrive
This session will review the leadership skills and competencies needed to lead a 5-star caliber team. Special emphasis will be placed on proven techniques and exness thailand processes used by highly effective leaders worldwide.

Wednesday, July 24: 7 Principles to Fully Engage Your Customers
This course focuses on proven concepts and techniques to provide exceptional service in any industry. The goal is for everyone to take away applicable and relevant concepts to apply at their jobs immediately.

Thursday, July 25: 7.5 Leadership Keys to Sustain Excellence on Your Team
The purpose of this session is to help leaders develop a strong team that consistently exceeds expectations. This session will explore the daily leadership habits and proven tactics to sustain excellence on any team.

Friday, July 26: From Great to exness th World-Class
How exceptional is your service culture? “From Great to World-Class” will focus on five essential aspects of strengthening and sustaining a strong service culture. Learn how to incorporate ancient proverbs from various cultures to refocus on key service basics, emphasize the “power of one” in the service experience and look at potent ways to engage your heart and mind.