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summer leadership conference
summer leadership conference
summer leadership conference
summer leadership conference

Program Overview for the 2018 Summer Leadership Conference,
Robyn J. Ashmen

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“C”ing Our Way Through Conflict,

Crisis and Change and Into a Caring

Environment Ripe for Success!

Here is Robyn’s week-long program for you, day by day…

Education sessions are
from 7:45am to 11:00am, Monday through Friday.

Monday, July 23: Critical Conversations
We freely share our thoughts and opinions over social media, at home and with our friends. But when it comes time to use those words in the workplace, we find ourselves at a loss. This leads to frustration, self-doubt and burnout. Learn to use words to get where and what you want, illustrate communication strategies and utilize them to great professional and personal advantage.

Tuesday, July 24: Conflict Resolution
This track will address the concerns of senior leadership who encounter a variety of conflicts among peers and direct reports. The program will provide techniques needed to overcome obstacles that prevent a healing and professional environment. Topics include identifying issues and personalities, initiating non-confrontational discussion, conflict analysis, prevention and resolution.

Wednesday, July 25: Organizational Change
Two of the most dreaded words in the workplace are “Organizational Change”. Employees’ minds immediately turn to images of downsizing and layoffs. This leads to low morale, low productivity and discordance. This track will help leadership recognize and acknowledge these fears early on and create a communication and morale building strategy around the existing corporate culture.

Thursday, July 26: Crisis Management
Crises are a very real part of organizational life for all service industries. Having an established crisis management plan is imperative to help combat the inevitable. This track will review two case studies; one where the absence of an established plan cost the company everything and where the presence of one has made it one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Friday, July 27: Executive CARING
Continuous changes in the health care industry make it increasingly complicated for administrators to effectively run a facility and its staff, let alone practice family centered care. This track will help leadership develop, model and encourage application of the core competencies of Family Centered Care – Collaboration, Acknowledgement, Respect, Information, Negotiation and Good Faith.