A Moment to Reflect – Focused on the Future

past now future sticky notesIn one of the small-group exercises at the Summer Leadership Conference, one of my ‘Lighthouse Healthcare’ team members said, “I’ve been at this now for 40 years, and I have never seen this much change!” The demands and rigors of healthcare executives and leaders in today’s changing environment cannot be over emphasized. With countless regulatory, human resource, legal, and other content related changes swirling about, the Summer Leadership Conference has proven over its 34-year history to be a valuable resource to a small group of colleagues who take a week to refocus, recharge, and learn from each other.

Stackpole & Associates is proud to be among the organizers of the conference, to preserve its value, and enhance its future. The New York Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Administrators, the New York State Health Facilities Association and Stackpole & Associates are proud of this 34 year tradition, and we are focused on bringing and even better, first-class opportunity to a small group of healthcare leaders in 2017.

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