Looking Forward to the 2018 Summer Leadership Conference!

We’re looking forward to a great week next week at the Summer Leadership Conference – July 23-27!

We have a great week planned and are very excited about the expertise and energy that our facilitator, Robyn J. Ashmen, will bring to the 2018 Conference.

Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Topic Schedule Overview

Day 1Critical Conversations

Day 2Confilct Resolution

Day 3Organizational Change

Day 4Crisis Management

Day 5Executive CARING

With so much change happening now, the Summer Leadership Conference is an ideal way to refocus, recharge, and plan for today, tomorrow, and the year ahead. There are still a few seats available if you’re looking for something to do in July!

You can register here: http://summerleadershipconference.org/registration/

We want your pictures! Please use the SLC conference hashtag on social media: #SLC2018

You can also post pictures in the SLC Facebook Group.

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