What Attendees are Saying: Responses to the 2016 Summer Leadership Conference!

conversation-1468159_960_720Here are some of the enthusiastic responses from the 2016 Summer Leadership Conference. We are thrilled that participants were so pleased and engaged with the presentations. We are working to develop another strong program for 2017. Make sure to save the date for the 35th Annual Summer Leadership Conference, July 24 to 28, 2017! Hope to see you there!

  • “Outstanding! Bryan was wonderful. He kept things moving and had strong knowledge. Next year it would be interesting to have the same speakers back to see how they have improved since this year.”
  • “Great! Highly recommend Bryan’s Leadership Conference!”
  • “Without a doubt, the most applicable educational and leadership workshop I have attended – many tools to carry back and apply in my organization.”
  • “Bryan engaged me from Day One. I am not one who enjoys group exercises, but I actually participated. Customer Service and focus is what we do best but like the Olympians, we want to do better.”
  • “Excellent!”
  • “All terrific.”
  • “Dynamic – Energetic – Knowledgeable”
  • “Excellent overall program – great format! Presented varied teaching methods to enhance learning.”
  • “Great!”
  • “Outstanding Speaker, an enjoyable experience.”
  • “I thought Bryan Williams was exceptional. . . Didn’t want our session to end.”
  • “Excellent content and energy. Loved it.”
  • “Excellent! Exceeded my expectations!”
  • “Great program, thank you!”
  • “Great program. Important topics.”
  • “Best presentation in the history of the program.”
  • “The program is very engaging. My interest and participation was completely at the highest levels for the entire presentation.”
  • “Best program I have attended in years.”

Summer Leadership Conference: Who Should Attend?

Long-term care leaders who want to increase levels of productivity and cooperation in his or her organization or community. Administrators, CEOs, facility owners, ACHCA and NYSHFA members and nonmembers, healthcare company providers who will benefit from this week-long workshop.

Bermuda Shorts: An Interview with Toni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA, FACHCA, Executive Director & President, Green Hill, Inc.

317AB9D8-0D59-46D6-B131-0710EDB536AAToni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA, FACHCA, Executive Director & President, Green Hill, Inc.

How long have you been attending the Summer Leadership Conference?

“On and off for about 34 years….I used to go with my mother when she was Executive Director.”

Why do you attend? What keeps you coming back?

“It’s refreshing to sit with other like-minded leaders and get inspired by their stories or motivated by the speaker. It’s a hard job we have and getting this break invigorates me to go back and continue the good work. I can also pass along all I learned to my team. I brought two of my ‘future’ leaders last year, and it was wonderful to see their spirit come alive with new ideas and different perspectives.”

What are your favorite things to do and places to see during the conference?

“I love the beach after the conference or hanging by the pool and connecting with those I see each year at the conference. It’s also great networking. I sometimes bring my family with me, so it’s also great personal time with them that makes the trip that much better.”

Do you have any suggestions for new attendees or first-time participants?

“Just enjoy the inspiration when in sessions and bring family with you to create a vacation experience as well.”

An Interview with Larry Slatky, Summer Leadership Conference Organizer

IMG_0381Larry’s History with the Summer Leadership Conference

In the early 1980s, while working at Parkview Nursing Home (Larry started there at 17!), I got more involved in the American College of Healthcare Administrator’s. Young managers and administrators couldn’t afford to go to national/regional meetings. So I volunteered on the conference and education committees for the New York Chapter of ACHCA. Back then, some companies would sponsor events to get access to SNF administrators, so I started asking destinations and transport companies to help with college events. Partnerships were developed, including with Eastern Airlines.

The first summer leadership conference was in Barbados in 1982. After looking at 2 to 3 destinations, I took the risk and planned the first Summer Leadership Conference for Barbados. It was called the “The American Series.” It was a terrific success, with 45 attendees and program was hit. After the second successful program in Barbados, we experimented with locations and even cruising. After 9-11, we settled on Bermuda as the consistent location. Hamilton was the site for many years, then the conference was forced to switch to Southampton when the Hamilton location was renovated. The conference has been there ever since!

What Are the Best Things About the Summer Leadership Conference?

The best thing about the Summer Leadership Conference after all these years is being there with my friends and colleagues. We’ve grown close over the years – much of this commenced and centered around the SLC – at the professional development level, there’s a level of honesty and openness. This is a great place to see first-hand different styles – no unions, different approaches – you really get close to people from different cultures. I love watching people stay young with you, while we’re all growing old! Everyone’s comfortable, safe, and secure. Each year when I leave I can’t wait to get back! Four Ways is a great restaurant to dine at during the conference. And, playing golf at the executive course, Southampton is always a highlight of the event – the scenery and the course itself is great.

Do you have any suggestions for new attendees / first time participants?

The rates at the hotel are great, because we’re one of their oldest groups there, so newcomers should plan to linger a few days and take advantage of this. The water sports available are amazing. Bermuda is great at night, but it’s also a day-centered destination where families go – it’s where my kids and I go to get together. It’s a great place to renew all types of relationships – including your wife!

Take advantage of the mornings – they’re beautiful. Take a walk or a jog, or a walk up to the lighthouse. Of course, you need to go to the beach. Make a visit to the aquariums. Go into town, it’s so clean and family friendly, and old – it’s been there 400 years! Summer is the high season for weather and water sports – this is their season! Take advantage of the water sports, make sure you take a ride on a jet ski!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and a great conference!