Bermuda’s Aging Health System, Dr. Ricky Brathwaite, Senior Health Economist

RickyBrathwaite_PresentationPresented at the 2016 Summer Leadership Conference: Bermuda’s Aging Health System, Dr. Ricky Brathwaite, Senior Health Economist

Who are we? The Health Council
Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation (QUANGO)
 Established by Bermuda Health Council Act 2004. Operational since
 Structure:
 Council (Board) has 15 members
 Secretariat has 8 employed staff
 Mission:
To regulate, coordinate and enhance the delivery of health
 Vision:
To achieve a quality, equitable and sustainable health system

What do we know?
 Healthcare in Bermuda is not affordable for all
 Relative low income threshold for 2013 was $51,012
 Our chronic disease burden is significant and our aged population is growing
 13% Diabetes compared to 8.3% globally
 Trends demonstrate growth in healthcare costs and expenditures over time
 Subsidies have more than doubled since 2005
 The international standard of health financing has encouraged greater
collaboration within new financing models
 The current Standard Health Benefit package has the potential to limit choice
and competition
 Our population is aging, with an average age now of 51 years old

You can view the full presentation here.

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