Glancing Back, and Looking Ahead; Summer Leadership Conference

With the 34th edition of the Summer Leadership Conference completed, it is now time to reflect and look ahead.

Many of you will recognize yourselves and your team members from the workshop competitions. Congratulations to the winners, and as Nelson Mandela says, “I never lose. I win or learn.” And all of us certainly learned a lot from each other and the excellent, energetic facilitation by Bryan K. Williams.

We added presentations by subject matter experts to the conference in 2016 – Claudette Fleming and Ricky Brathwaite. Their presentations are now available on the Summer Leadership Website:

Looking ahead, please hold July 24 – 28, 2017 for the 35th edition of the Summer Leadership Conference!

Next year’s conference will coincide with the exciting America’s Cup 2017 regatta – you won’t want to miss it.

Americas Cup

You will soon receive an email with hotel reservation information. Because of our long-standing relationship with the Fairmont, Southampton, we will have the same excellent rates next year, so plan to book early. Invite your friends and colleagues! And remember, attendance is limited.

We have already started to plan the conference program for next year, and many of you will be invited to offer your thoughts. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your observations, suggestions, rants, and raves.

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

A Moment to Reflect – Focused on the Future

past now future sticky notesIn one of the small-group exercises at the Summer Leadership Conference, one of my ‘Lighthouse Healthcare’ team members said, “I’ve been at this now for 40 years, and I have never seen this much change!” The demands and rigors of healthcare executives and leaders in today’s changing environment cannot be over emphasized. With countless regulatory, human resource, legal, and other content related changes swirling about, the Summer Leadership Conference has proven over its 34-year history to be a valuable resource to a small group of colleagues who take a week to refocus, recharge, and learn from each other.

Stackpole & Associates is proud to be among the organizers of the conference, to preserve its value, and enhance its future. The New York Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Administrators, the New York State Health Facilities Association and Stackpole & Associates are proud of this 34 year tradition, and we are focused on bringing and even better, first-class opportunity to a small group of healthcare leaders in 2017.

Contact Irving Stackpole today to learn more about our focus on the future!


Bermuda’s Aging Health System, Dr. Ricky Brathwaite, Senior Health Economist

RickyBrathwaite_PresentationPresented at the 2016 Summer Leadership Conference: Bermuda’s Aging Health System, Dr. Ricky Brathwaite, Senior Health Economist

Who are we? The Health Council
Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation (QUANGO)
 Established by Bermuda Health Council Act 2004. Operational since
 Structure:
 Council (Board) has 15 members
 Secretariat has 8 employed staff
 Mission:
To regulate, coordinate and enhance the delivery of health
 Vision:
To achieve a quality, equitable and sustainable health system

What do we know?
 Healthcare in Bermuda is not affordable for all
 Relative low income threshold for 2013 was $51,012
 Our chronic disease burden is significant and our aged population is growing
 13% Diabetes compared to 8.3% globally
 Trends demonstrate growth in healthcare costs and expenditures over time
 Subsidies have more than doubled since 2005
 The international standard of health financing has encouraged greater
collaboration within new financing models
 The current Standard Health Benefit package has the potential to limit choice
and competition
 Our population is aging, with an average age now of 51 years old

You can view the full presentation here.