Bermuda Shorts: An Interview with Mark J. Finkelstein, M.P.S., FACHCA, CNHA, Administrator of Hughes Health and Rehabilitation, Inc.

mark_pMark J. Finkelstein, M.P.S., FACHCA, CNHA, is the administrator of Hughes Health and Rehabilitation, Inc., and serves as the vice president of the organization’s Board of Directors. He has been a licensed nursing home administrator since 1972, and has served in various management capacities in his career.

How long have you been attending the Summer Leadership Conference?

Since 1988

Why do you attend? What keeps you coming back?

First of all, it’s a great opportunity to learn how to be a better leader and inspire our teams. Perennially, it’s the finest seminar I attend. I always walk away armed with valuable information I can use every day. Generally, the people who attend are at a high level and the sessions are geared to leaders in the sector. The other attendees are very interesting to be around because of shared interest in long-term care leadership.

I also love it, because Bermuda is my favorite spot on earth!

My family and I like to tack on bit of vacation before or after the program – my kids and grandkids still want to go!

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Bermuda Shorts: An Interview with Toni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA, FACHCA, Executive Director & President, Green Hill, Inc.

317AB9D8-0D59-46D6-B131-0710EDB536AAToni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA, FACHCA, Executive Director & President, Green Hill, Inc.

How long have you been attending the Summer Leadership Conference?

“On and off for about 34 years….I used to go with my mother when she was Executive Director.”

Why do you attend? What keeps you coming back?

“It’s refreshing to sit with other like-minded leaders and get inspired by their stories or motivated by the speaker. It’s a hard job we have and getting this break invigorates me to go back and continue the good work. I can also pass along all I learned to my team. I brought two of my ‘future’ leaders last year, and it was wonderful to see their spirit come alive with new ideas and different perspectives.”

What are your favorite things to do and places to see during the conference?

“I love the beach after the conference or hanging by the pool and connecting with those I see each year at the conference. It’s also great networking. I sometimes bring my family with me, so it’s also great personal time with them that makes the trip that much better.”

Do you have any suggestions for new attendees or first-time participants?

“Just enjoy the inspiration when in sessions and bring family with you to create a vacation experience as well.”

5 Steps to Building & Leading a More Results-Driven Team

Summer Leadership Conference: An educational program facilitated by Dr. Bryan K. Williams, D.M.

Bryan Photo 3After participating in this program, you can expect to:

  • Know what it takes to be a leader whom others want to follow
  • Be better at communicating each member of your team’s role
  • Empower your team members to connect to a greater purpose

Summer Leadership Conference Program — DAY 1: Leading a 5-Star Team


The purpose of this session is to review the leadership skills and competencies needed to lead a 5-star caliber team. Special emphasis will be placed on proven techniques and processes used by highly effective leaders worldwide.

Learning Topics:

  • How to build a team of highly engaged employees
  • 11 Non-negotiables of 5-star leaders
  • Becoming a leader that others want to follow
  • Communicating the purpose of each person’s role

Summer Leadership Conference Program — DAY 2: Lead Me…Five Tips To Inspire Your Team


The purpose of this session is to equip leaders with the tools necessary to empower, inspire and engage their team to deliver world-class customer service. The attendees will understand what it takes to emotionally engage their staff and to be a leader that employees are eager to follow.

Learning Topics:

  • Create a compelling vision
  • Have a clearly articulated mission
  • Show alignment between the vision, mission, and individual roles
  • Connect to a greater purpose
  • Servant leadership (people follow you because of what you have done for them)

Summer Leadership Conference Program — DAY 3: Creating a Culture of Service Excellence


The purpose of this session is to review and focus on proven concepts and techniques to provide consistently exceptional service that is truly memorable. The goal is for everyone to take away applicable tips and techniques to emotionally engage their customers.

Learning Topics:

  • Customer Service vs. Customer Engagement
  • Apply the Universal Service Rules
  • Master the Key Steps of Service
  • Identifying and Enhancing Service Touchpoints
  • Service Recovery and Empowerment

Summer Leadership Conference Program — DAY 4: Engaging Your Staff


The purpose of this session is to equip leaders with best practices and evidence-based techniques to fully engage each person on their respective teams

Learning Topics:

  • Identifying and leveraging the biggest key drivers of each person on your team
  • Learn how to manage the innate talents of each person (including your own)
  • Effectively use tools for team engagement
  • Tips to create a powerful onboarding experience for each team member

Summer Leadership Conference Program — DAY 5: Using the Baldrige Criteria* to Become a More Effective Leader


The purpose of this session is to use the world-renowned Baldrige framework to enhance leadership effectiveness. *The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence is used to assess organizations that apply for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The MBNQA is the highest recognition that a U.S. organization can achieve for performance excellence. It is awarded annually by the President of the United States to businesses from all sectors.

Learning Topics:

  • Apply the four factors used to create and evaluate a strong process
  • Understand how the senior leaders’ personal actions guide and sustain the organization
  • How to create an environment for customer engagement, innovation, and high performance
  • Learn effective methods to communicate to the workforce and key customers
  • Build a personalized leadership action plan

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On Location for the Summer Leadership Conference: Bermuda and the Fairmont Southampton

bermuda brochureFor centuries, an island existed in the imaginations of sailors too long at sea. This island – a coral gem where the winds were as fresh as a youngster’s smile and as cool as a mountain spring – offered the shade of cedar trees and wild gardens of poinsettias and bougainvilleas. On a blustery day in 1503, Juan de Bermudez turned myth into reality. He discovered Bermuda just 600 miles off the Carolina coast. Here, atop Bermuda’s highest point, on 100 lush acres, you too can discover the old world charm and new world panache of Bermuda and the Fairmont Southampton Princess.

About The Fairmont Southampton

With its lush tropical gardens, shimmering pink sand beaches, azure blue seas, and spectacular sunsets, there is no way to not love Bermuda. Perched atop the island’s highest point, The Fairmont Southampton’s 593 spacious guestrooms — many with sweeping water views — are richly appointed with private balconies, walk-in closets, and marble bathrooms.


One of the world’s incomparable luxury resorts, The Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda offers endless recreation and relaxation possibilities, including an award-winning 18 hole Executive Par-3 golf course, a Willow Stream spa and fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, plus an oceanfront beach club, PADI dive center, snorkeling rentals, water sports, tennis courts, and more. See more at or call the hotel at (866) 540-4497.

Enjoy Bermuda’s best at The Fairmont Southampton at our special NYC-ACHCA guestroom rates, single or double occupancy for a standard room (plus taxes, gratuities, and resort fees). For an extra fee, you may reserve rooms on the Gold Level where breakfast and dinner appetizers are served. Make reservations by June 26, 2015 to qualify for special rates.


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